SEAMT has organized committees to support the mission of the Association. Committees are made up of volunteer SEAMT members. Committees are tasked with furthering the professional practice of structural engineering in Montana through active participation in advocacy for structural engineers and their positions with local and State government agencies; to lend government agencies our expertise in building code provisions; to organize structural engineers in emergency response preparedness and coordination with government officials; to develop training and educational seminars for structural engineers; in organizing and informing members of SEAMT; and to support similar committees of the National Council of Structural Engineers.

If you are interested in participating on one or more of SEAMT’s committees or would like more information on them please contact us. Committees are open to all SEAMT members.


Peter Jacobsen, Chairman

Encourage and support governmental actions that provide protection of the general public and enhancement of the structural engineering profession within Montana.

Code Advisory

Jason Hicks, Chairman

Facilitate discussions of building code discussions amongst membership and development of consensus opinions for local building enforcement agencies.

Continuing Education

Jami Lorenz, Chairman

Provide opportunities for continuing education of SEAMT membership and suggestions for technical presentations at statewide conferences (i.e. MSE Joint Engineers Conference,Spring Engineering Program).


Gretchen Iman, Chairman

Promote and maintain membership of SEAMT.

Publications / Magazine

Jami Lorenz, Chairman

Development of a quarterly newsletter, press releases, advertisements, etc., to support the objectives and efforts of SEAMT.


Theron Thompson, Chairman

Develop the framework and volunteer organization necessary to respond to local, state, or national emergency situations requiring structural engineering evaluations and assessments.        

Young Engineers Group

Tyler Hessler

Organize and promote collaboration and networking amongst structural engineers 35 years and younger.